Being a member of the umbrella body of tea dealers in East and Central Africa, M J Clarke Ltd procures tea through the weekly Mombasa Tea Auction and/or directly from producer/tea gardens.


Welcome to M J Clarke Ltd

M J Clarke Ltd is a 2nd generation family business specialising in tea and tea related activities since 1972.

It was established over 40 years ago by the founder, and current Chairman, Mr Michael Clarke.

Located in Shimanzi - Mombasa, the largest tea export centre globally, the company’s premises are strategically located by the main port entrance to allow for the highest levels of control and handling efficiency .

M J Clarke Ltd employs well experienced Tea Experts with high degree of product knowledge. Dealing with M J Clarke Ltd you are assured of a quality of service that only comes from a dedication to excellence and understanding of tea. With M J Clarke Ltd you are assured that your tea needs will be met in:

What we do

  • Tea tasting;
  • Tea selection;
  • Tea buying;
  • Tea blending;
  • Tea analysis and packing;
  • Tea shipping;
  • Tea marketing;
  • Tea distribution.
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Packaging & Branding

Years of experience

Integrated logistics

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